Actually it is very easy to make a circle when crocheting. But, as the saying goes, “all beginnings are often difficult”. And that’s exactly how we sometimes feel when we start crocheting a circle. With the thread ring, the so-called “Magic Ring”, a perfect crochet start is created – as if by magic – for circular parts.

These step-by-step instructions show that although the “Magic Ring” is called that way and lives up to its name in the end, you don’t have to have magic powers to make the thread ring.

Step-by-step instructions:

1. form a loop with the working thread (the end of the thread runs at the front towards the lower edge of the picture). The size of the loop is not decisive, as it is pulled together at the end.

2 At the left loop edge the threads cross each other. Hold the loop there (best with thumb and index finger). The working thread points upwards and runs backwards.

3. pick up the crochet hook, put it through the loop and pull the working thread through the loop from the back to the front. Do not let go of your thumb and index finger – so keep the crosshairs in place.

If possible, fix the loop on the crochet hook with the middle and forefinger. This requires a bit of sensitivity and may take some practice. If this does not work, carefully place the work on the table, grasp it and hold it with thumb and index finger where all the threads touch. The working thread must then run upwards again.

Now take the working thread a second time with the crochet hook and pull it through the first loop which is also the needle.

Now the actual initial stitch lies on the needle, it only has to be tightened (pull carefully on the working thread and on the circular thread).

Now you can crochet any number of fixed stitches around the circle. To do this, hold the circle and the starting thread, pull the crochet hook through a loop underneath these two threads and pull the thread through the two loops on the needle.

Now that you have crocheted as many stitches as you want or as instructed, draw the starting thread and close the circle.

9. the first round ends with a warp stitch in the first crocheted stitch.

10. As the crochet progresses, crochet as many air stitches as necessary and at will or according to instructions for the second, third and each subsequent round.

When is a thread ring suitable?
Crochet hats start with a closed circle. Of course, the thread ring is a great way to start. The required number of initial stitches is crocheted into the ring, then the crochet circle can be pulled together. An unattractive hole, as it can happen with the well-known warp loop ring, can easily be avoided.

Here you will find detailed instructions for crocheting a Boshi ring.

Crochet blossoms:
Crocheted flowers also look much better when the middle ring is variable and can be contracted. No matter whether 6, 8, 12 or even more meshes form the starting point for the flower – with the mesh ring everything is possible.

Granny Squares:
Granny Squares, the funny, colourful crochet squares, have become a cult. The “Magic Ring” is the ideal start. Whether you then continue crocheting round or with four corners to the outside remains the same.

More and more the crocheting of cute figures is gaining in importance. The detailed implementation of models from the animal kingdom, the fairytale world, from fictions or mangas … has meanwhile conquered a huge fan community. Almost every single part of the body has its beginning in the thread ring.


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