A garden shower provides the necessary refreshment on hot summer days when there is no pool, swimming pool or bathing lake nearby. How to set up a garden shower, which models are available and much more you can read here.

Too hot for you? Then take a quick shower! Of course we mean the garden shower. The garden shower is perfectly suited for quick cooling in the garden or on the terrace and is a real competitor to the pool.

Garden shower instead of pool
The advantages of a garden shower are obvious. A garden shower is quick to set up, requires little space and is relatively inexpensive to buy. The garden shower is therefore a sensible alternative to the pool if it is just a matter of quick refreshment in the garden. The garden shower is even superior in long-term maintenance compared to a cheap set-up pool. After all, the pool is already there when filled with a few thousand litres of water, while one garden shower per shower is satisfied with a few litres.

Variety of the garden shower
If you are thinking about buying a garden shower, you can choose from a wide range: It reaches from an economical garden shower for few euro from the building market up to the luxurösen garden shower, which has several nozzles and showers – then in addition, equal far over thousand euro costs.

However, one thing is the same for every garden shower: when selecting materials, manufacturers attach great importance to robustness. Stainless steel, hardwoods and other rustproof metals such as brass and aluminium are therefore materials of choice for a garden shower. They guarantee that one has also several years joy with its garden shower. Many models are even so robust that they can stand outside in the garden during the winter months without hesitation. It is important that the garden shower has been cleaned of residual water beforehand. Otherwise the pipes of the garden shower could burst during frost by the developing ice.

Setting up the garden shower
It doesn’t take much time to install a new garden shower. Almost every garden shower is equipped with a practical ground spike or tripod and has a garden hose connection. So all you have to do is put the garden shower into the lawn or set it up there. After connecting the garden hose, you can start showering immediately. To avoid standing in the mud, it makes sense to invest in a wooden grid if it is not already included in the garden shower. Such a grate not only protects your feet from dirt, but also protects the wet lawn.

In addition to the mobile solution of a garden shower, it is also possible to install the garden shower permanently. For this purpose the garden shower is screwed to a fixed surface – wooden deck of the terrace or stone – with a flange. Such a garden shower is usually an addition to an existing pool or sauna.

Hot and cold water from the garden shower
Usually a garden shower with a garden hose is connected directly to the tap water. In other words: one takes a shower with “cool water” in the truest sense of the word. After all, the average temperature of tap water is around 10 degrees Celsius. This is different with permanently installed models that are connected to the hot water pipe. Here, as with a conventional shower, it is possible to set the water temperature individually using a mixing lever.

Hot water for showering without a fixed installation to the domestic water network, on the other hand, is offered by a so-called solar shower – and this also for multiple showers. Like a simple garden shower, this type of garden shower draws its water from the garden hose. A water tank uses solar energy to heat the water up to 50 degrees Celsius. Depending on its size, up to five showers of hot water can flow through it – and that after just half an hour.


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